20 solutions people came up with to protect themselves from the CoronaVirus.

From plastic bottles, diapers, and even bras, some people are using whatever they can get their hands on to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. While most of these creative solutions won’t be as effective as proper medical equipment, any protection might be better than none. Probably. Just remember that a grapefruit is not a valid alternative to a professional mask.

We have collected some of the most peculiar ways people are trying to keep this virus at bay, and it shows how ingenious some people can be. Scroll down and share your favorite pics. And when you’re done looking through this list, have a look through our article about Couple names twins born amid pandemic Corona and Covid, as well as the post about Nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you’re wearing gloves.

It’s natural that people want to protect themselves and their loved ones. However, there is a shortage of masks and not everyone can afford quality medical equipment. PLEASE STAY HOME 24/7 UNTIL THIS CRISIS BLOWS OVER.

#1. Steampunk just became Plastpunk. Are you able to breathe, sir?

#2. Is this Plank from Ed Edd and Eddy? The cashier’s facial expression says it all..

#3. Not sure if this falls under the NSFW category.. “I may end up with a Covid-19 kink if I’m not careful.”

#4. “Saved from corona virus, died of suffocation.

#5.  Whole body shield.. creative.

#6. A possible solution for introverts.. how to avoid meeting friends at the supermarket.

#7. Did you really need to use all that plastic, sir?

#8. Bitches be trippin’ … literally.

#9. Okay but where are your gloves ma’am?

#10. Why is it clogged from the top?

#11. Well equipped to fight for toilet paper

#12. At least a pleasant smell (Where are your gloves ma’am.)

#13. This is going way too far.. no comment on this one.

#14. Plague doctor with garlic here.. bringing chuckles to the store.

#15. Necessity Drives Innovation. (drives a motorcycle in this case)

#16. His face says it all.

#17. Terrible vision mask #1.

#18. Terrible vision mask #2. (A lowkey shoutout to Jordi’s mom.)

#19. Improvise, Adapt (And Overcome) i don’t.. understand….

#20. Where are your gloves Grandpa?

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