Canada adds 563 new coronavirus cases, surpassing 125,000

Canadian health officials recorded 563 new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the country’s case count to 125,647.

Canada’s death toll rose to 9,083 after provincial and territorial authorities confirmed 10 more people had died. So far, 111,694 people have recovered from the virus, while more than six million tests for the virus have been administered.

British Columbia reported 269 new COVID-19 cases over the past three days and one new death. The total provincial tally stands at 5,184. So far, 203 residents have died, while 4,068 have recovered.

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Officials in Alberta detected 258 new COVID-19 infections on Monday, increasing the provincial tally to 13,006. There have been four new deaths reported since Friday, bringing the total of Albertans who have died from the virus to 234. More than 89 per cent of those who fell ill — 11,374 — have recovered.

Three more people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Saskatchewan on Monday, for a total of 1,602. So far, 1,482 people have recovered. There were no new deaths recorded, leaving the death toll at 22.

Manitoba recorded 49 new cases of the virus on Monday, pushing the overall number of diagnoses to 993. Of those, 586 have recovered. Officials said there were no new deaths reported, for an overall number of 12.

Ontario’s provincial total rose to 41,507 on Monday after officials found 105 new cases of COVID-19. One more person had died, increasing the number of people who died to 2,798. There have been 37,673 recoveries.

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Sixty-eight more people in Quebec were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Monday, while four more people had died, provincial authorities said. The province has diagnosed 61,741 cases so far and seen 5,744 deaths. As of Monday, 54,761 people had recovered from the virus.

In New Brunswick, all but 11 of the province’s 189 confirmed cases have recovered. There were no new infections or deaths recorded. Officials have recorded 189 cases of COVID-19 in total.

No new deaths or cases of the virus were found in Nova Scotia on Monday. Health authorities said 1,080 have tested positive for COVID-19 while 65 people have died. More than 93 per cent of people who had fallen ill in the province have recovered.

Newfoundland and Labrador also confirmed nobody had died from the virus on Monday. There were no new cases detected in the province, officials said. In total, the province has seen 268 confirmed infections, three deaths and 265 recoveries.

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Prince Edward Island reported no new diagnoses and no new deaths from COVID-19 on Friday. Out of the province’s 44 confirmed infections, 40 have recovered. No one has died from the virus.

Health authorities in the Yukon reported no new cases of COVID-19 on Monday. All 15 of the territory’s cases have recovered and no one has died from the virus.

All five people diagnosed with the virus in the Northwest Territories have recovered. Nunavut has yet to see its first case of COVID-19.

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