Idaho university ‘deeply troubled’ by students contracting COVID-19 to sell plasma

An Idaho university has issued a warning about reports that students have “intentionally exposed themselves or others” to the novel coronavirus in order to make money by selling their plasma … Read More

Study finds coronavirus antibodies last months, offering hope for vaccine efficacy

Antibodies that people make to fight the new coronavirus last for at least four months after diagnosis and do not fade quickly as some earlier reports suggested, scientists have found. … Read More

Canadian-led study to examine antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients as treatment for others

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Scientists look at how immune system T cells can help fight coronavirus

As scientists question whether the presence, or absence, of antibodies to the novel coronavirus can reliably determine immunity, some are looking to a different component of the immune system, known as T cells, for their role in protecting people in … Read More

Antibodies from COVID-19 infection only last a few months: study

Levels of an antibody found in recovered COVID-19 patients fell sharply in two to three months after infection for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, according to a Chinese study, raising … Read More

Coronavirus: Fewer antibodies capable of neutralizing the virus after six weeks

More than six in 10 people infected with the novel coronavirus generated neutralizing antibodies just two weeks after the onset of symptoms of the disease, but this neutralizing capacity decreases … Read More

Less than 1% of Major League Baseball workers tested positive for coronavirus antibodies

Just 0.7 per cent of Major League Baseball employees tested positive for antibodies to COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. Results were based about about 5,600 completed records … Read More