Coronavirus: Quebec doctor’s death by suicide sends shockwaves through Canada’s medical community

The death of a Granby, Que., emergency physician has sent shockwaves throughout the Canadian medical community. Dr. Karine Dion, 35, who was also the mother of a young son, died … Read More

Hospitals still flooding with coronavirus patients despite new year, experts warn

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As coronavirus cases spike, South Korea capital region runs out of hospital beds

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South Korea scrambles to avoid hospital bed shortage amid new coronavirus surge

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ER visits dropped 25% in March as coronavirus spread: report

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New Romania law stops coronavirus patients from leaving hospitals, closing loophole

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‘Irresponsible’ to rely on hospital capacity data amid U.S. coronavirus resurgence: experts

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Ontario could see medical shortages even if COVID-19 infection rate drops: study

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Close to 40% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the U.S. are aged 20 to 54: report

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