The coronavirus is becoming more genetically diverse, leaving experts worried

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BioNTech CEO says coronavirus vaccine ‘highly likely’ to protect against new strain

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U.S. mulls restrictions for U.K. travellers amid new coronavirus strain: reports

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Masks, handwashing and distancing remain key amid new U.K. coronavirus variant, doctors say

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Canada watching for new COVID-19 variant, warns against travel to U.K.

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Australia confirms 2 cases of new coronavirus mutation

Australia confirmed on Monday it has detected two cases of a fast-spreading new coronavirus strain that has forced Britain to reverse plans to ease curbs over Christmas, the first confirmed cases of the strain in the Asia-Pacific region. Australia’s most populous state … Read More

‘No need to panic’: COVID-19 mutations unlikely to impact vaccine, experts say

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Coronavirus mutation in minks: Experts keeping ‘close eye’ on human infections

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Mutation that made coronavirus more infectious may make it vulnerable to vaccines: study

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Mutation could significantly increase coronavirus infection ability, study suggests

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Coronavirus mutations don’t seem to be ‘dangerous,’ but other threats remain: experts

The novel coronavirus does not appear to be mutating in a dangerous way, according to experts studying the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. In a press briefing on … Read More