These 5 genes could explain why some COVID-19 patients become severely ill

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Wearing a mask may reduce how sick you get from coronavirus

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Obesity may up risks of COVID-19 complications, but doctors still searching for why

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Ottawa orders review after report pandemic warning system was shuttered

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Vitamin D and COVID-19: Experts say any possible link is ‘premature’

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These Canadians say they suffered COVID-19 symptoms for months

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Risk of never fully recovering after coronavirus ‘very real,’ scientists say

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Why does the coronavirus seem to cause so many different symptoms?

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Coronavirus patients are being flipped onto their stomachs in the ICU — here’s why

But when a person is critically ill and fighting a potential viral pneumonia, Piraino said placing a person on their stomach can help expand the diaphragm, which is the main muscle people use when they breathe.

“By getting the patient off of their back, the hope is to improve the movement of air to the areas that have most tissue,” he said.

Coronavirus: Canadians diagnosed with COVID-19 describe it as ‘worse than any flu’

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‘No playbook’ for coronavirus symptoms, but early data shows pattern: experts

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Coronavirus deaths top 10,000 worldwide as lockdown measures tighten further

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Queen Elizabeth II posts message about coronavirus: ‘My family and I stand ready to play our part’

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Prince Albert II of Monaco tests positive for new coronavirus

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Canada-U.S. border closure amid coronavirus likely to start Friday night

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Engineers 3D-print patented valves for free to save coronavirus patients in Italy

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