World Bank approves $12 billion to fund coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments

The World Bank has approved $12 billion in financing to help developing countries buy and distribute coronavirus vaccines, tests, and treatments, aiming to support the vaccination of up to 1 … Read More

Facebook says it will ban advertisements discouraging public from getting vaccinated

Facebook Inc will start banning ads that explicitly discourage people from getting vaccinated, the world’s largest social media company said on Tuesday, as it also announced a new flu vaccine information campaign. Ads advocating for or against legislation or … Read More

Cases of coronavirus reinfection raise concerns over immunity

The case of a man in the United States infected twice with COVID-19 shows there is much yet to learn about immune responses and also raises questions over vaccination, scientists … Read More

U.S. official expects coronavirus vaccine to arrive in January, contradicting Trump

A Trump administration official leading the response to the coronavirus pandemic says the U.S. can expect delivery of a vaccine starting in January 2021, despite statements from the president that inoculations could … Read More

Canada begins review of Oxford coronavirus vaccine candidate

OTTAWA – Canada launched on Friday a real-time review of data from AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s potential COVID-19 vaccine, the latest nation to take steps to speed up the approval process as … Read More

Political intervention over rapid test demands would be ‘dangerous’: Freeland

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says she understands the swelling attention being focused on rapid coronavirus tests as a way to reduce long wait times at many testing centres across … Read More

Canadians can now see conflicts of interest declared by COVID-19 vaccine task force

The conflict of interest disclosures made by members of the government’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force are now available for the Canadian public as the country continues to battle the coronavirus … Read More

U.S. releases plan to provide free coronavirus vaccine

The United States outlined a sweeping plan Wednesday to make vaccines for COVID-19 available for free to all Americans, even as polls show a strong undercurrent of skepticism rippling across … Read More

AstraZeneca pausing coronavirus vaccine trial after neurological symptoms found

A woman who received an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed severe neurological symptoms that prompted a pause in testing, a spokesman for drugmaker AstraZeneca said Thursday. The study participant in late-stage … Read More

AstraZeneca expects coronavirus vaccine result by year-end if trials resume soon

AstraZeneca should still know by year-end whether its experimental vaccine protects people against coronavirus, as long as it is cleared to resume trials soon, its chief executive said on Thursday … Read More

Why a pause on AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trial isn’t entirely bad news

The world is waiting with bated breath for a coronavirus vaccine. So when AstraZeneca, a frontrunner in Phase 3 of global trials, unexpectedly hit pause on its study due to … Read More

Australia expects to receive doses of potential COVID-19 vaccine early next year

SYDNEY- Australia expects to receive its first batches of a potential COVID-19 vaccine in January, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday, as the number of new daily infections in … Read More

Orders for flu shots up as Canada fears simultaneous COVID-19, flu infections

Pamela Hardy will be getting her 11-year-old twins vaccinated against flu as soon as an immunization program begins but she’s worried about how public health officials will deal with any … Read More

COVID-19 vaccine task force members have declared 18 conflicts of interests so far

Members of the government’s task force advising on the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine have recused themselves from discussions 18 times over potential conflicts of interest since June. But unlike … Read More

Brazil’s Bolsonaro under fire for not pushing mandatory coronavirus vaccine

Critics of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro are again speaking out against the leader’s stance on the coronavirus pandemic, this time rejecting his view that vaccination for the virus shouldn’t be … Read More

No coronavirus vaccine will get endorsement unless proven safe, WHO says

LONDON — The head of the World Health Organization said the U.N. health agency will not recommend any COVID-19 vaccine before it is proved safe and effective, even as Russia … Read More

Coronavirus vaccine will need high uptake for life to shift toward normal: officials

Canadians will need to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated in large numbers to finally corral COVID-19 before life can return to a semblance of its pre-pandemic state, Canada’s … Read More

Brazil’s leader Bolsonaro says no one will be forced to take coronavirus vaccine

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has consistently downplayed the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, said on Monday that nobody will be forced to have the vaccine against the pandemic once … Read More

Moving ‘too quickly’ on coronavirus vaccine comes with risks: WHO

GENEVA — The emergency authorization of COVID-19 vaccines requires a “great deal of seriousness and reflection,” the World Health Organization said on Monday after the United States announced it was … Read More

Canada’s top doctor ‘optimistic’ after Canada-China vaccine partnership collapses

In the aftermath of the collapse of a multimillion-dollar coronavirus vaccine collaboration between Canada and China, Canada’s chief public health officer says she is optimistic about advance purchase deals made … Read More

Canadians could join clinical trials for new COVID-19 vaccine, says researcher

A Hamilton infectious disease doctor says Canadians may soon be a part of a clinical trial for a new coronavirus vaccine being developed overseas. Dr. Mark Loeb, a professor at … Read More

Scientists may have found first human link between antibodies, coronavirus protection

American scientists say they may have found the first evidence of a link in humans between certain antibodies and protection from becoming infected with the coronavirus. The findings — which … Read More

Coronavirus: Mexico to conduct phase 3 trials for China, U.S. vaccine candidates

MEXICO CITY — Mexico will conduct late-stage clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines in development by Johnson & Johnson and two Chinese companies, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday. Large-scale, phase … Read More

Russia clears coronavirus vaccine, insists it’s safe as scientists sound alarm

MOSCOW — Russia on Tuesday became the first country to clear a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism. President Vladimir Putin said that one of … Read More

Coronavirus: It’s possible U.S. will have vaccine before Nov. 3 election, Trump claims

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday it was possible the United States would have a coronavirus vaccine before the Nov. 3 election, a more optimistic forecast than … Read More

Novavax says its coronavirus vaccine produced immune response in small study

Novavax Inc said on Tuesday its experimental COVID-19 vaccine produced antibodies against the novel coronavirus and appears to be safe, according to initial data from a small, early-stage clinical trial. The … Read More

U.S. drops another $2.1B for doses of experimental coronavirus vaccine candidate

LONDON — Pharma giants GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur have announced they will supply 100 million doses of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine to the United States as governments buy up supplies … Read More

There’s a task force reviewing COVID-19 vaccines but the feds won’t say much about it

The office of Canada’s innovation minister and the department he oversees are remaining tight-lipped about a task force that is reportedly advising the federal government on how it should invest … Read More

There’s a taskforce reviewing COVID-19 vaccines but the feds won’t say much about it

The office of Canada’s innovation minister and the department he oversees are remaining tight-lipped about a task force that is reportedly advising the federal government on how it should invest … Read More

U.S., Europe pre-ordered millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses. Why hasn’t Canada?

As countries around the world are jockeying to secure a supply of vaccines under development for the novel coronavirus, many are striking advance deals with biopharmaceutical giants. But Canada doesn’t … Read More

U.S. inks coronavirus trial vaccine deal with Pfizer for first 100M doses

The U.S. has signed a contract with Pfizer for delivery in December of the first 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine the pharmaceutical company is working to develop, says … Read More

Coronavirus: Canada, U.S. order 177 million syringes and needles from medical company

Medical device maker Becton Dickinson said on Tuesday it received additional orders from the United States and Canada governments for 177 million syringes and needles for COVID-19 vaccination programs. The … Read More

Here’s when experts say Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine could be ready

A researcher at Oxford University in the U.K. said on Monday that a million doses of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine could be produced by September, but experts say it’s unlikely … Read More

China company boasts employees helped ‘pre-test’ potential coronavirus vaccine

In the global race to make a coronavirus vaccine, a state-owned Chinese company is boasting that its employees, including top executives, received experimental shots even before the government approved testing … Read More

COVID-19 was not on the world’s radar in November. How did we get here?

What is this enemy? Seven months after the first patients were hospitalized in China battling an infection doctors had never seen before, the world’s scientists and citizens have reached an … Read More

U.S. coronavirus vaccine test results bring ‘good news,’ wider trials next: Fauci

The first COVID-19 vaccine tested in the U.S. revved up people’s immune systems just the way scientists had hoped, researchers reported Tuesday — as the shots are poised to begin … Read More

Quebec company begins human trials of coronavirus vaccine

Medicago said on Tuesday it has begun testing its plant-based coronavirus vaccine in an early-stage clinical trial as the Canadian company, backed by tobacco company Phillip Morris, races against larger … Read More

Canadian company to collaborate on potential coronavirus vaccine with GSK

GSK, the world’s largest vaccine maker, on Tuesday announced the latest partnership for its vaccine booster technology to develop and test a potential COVID-19 shot with Canadian biopharmaceutical firm Medicago. … Read More

Research underway in N.S., N.B. to develop new coronavirus-killing package coating

Researchers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are collaborating on a way to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus on the surfaces of items we touch in our daily … Read More

Potential coronavirus vaccine has ‘right sort of immune response’ in trial: scientist 

A leading scientist behind the University of Oxford’s potential COVID-19 vaccine said on Wednesday the team has seen the right sort of immune response in trials but declined to give … Read More

2 years of coronavirus pandemic is ‘best-case scenario,’ doctor warns

It’s been almost four months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic — and now experts say it could be years before we’re out of the … Read More

Summer could decide frontrunners in race for COVID-19 vaccine

People on six continents already are getting jabs in the arm as the race for a COVID-19 vaccine enters a defining summer, with even bigger studies poised to prove if … Read More

Short timelines for coronavirus vaccine are giving ‘false hope,’ virus expert warns

The seemingly endless nature of the coronavirus pandemic may leave many grasping for whatever shred of hope they can find about when it will finally come to an end, but … Read More

As rich nations prepare for coronavirus vaccine, others could be left behind: experts

As the race for a vaccine against the new coronavirus intensifies, rich countries are rushing to place advance orders for the inevitably limited supply to guarantee their citizens get immunized … Read More

Over 10,000 to receive potential COVID-19 vaccine in U.K. as studies advance

British researchers testing an experimental vaccine against the new coronavirus are moving into advanced studies and aim to immunize more than 10,000 people to determine if the shot works. Last … Read More

Over 10,000 to receive potential COVID-19 vaccine in U.K. as tests expand

British researchers testing an experimental vaccine against the new coronavirus are moving into advanced studies and aim to immunize more than 10,000 people to determine if the shot works. Last … Read More

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine shows signs of success in early-stage trial

Moderna Inc said on Monday its experimental COVID-19 vaccine showed promise in a small early-stage trial, with the vaccine producing virus-neutralizing antibodies similar to that found in recovered patients, sending … Read More

Health Canada approves first clinical trial for possible coronavirus vaccine

The first Canadian clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine have been approved by Health Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says. Speaking from Rideau Cottage on Saturday, he told reporters … Read More

72% of Canadians support mandatory coronavirus vaccine, Ipsos poll suggests

More than two-thirds of Canadians believe a vaccine for COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel coronavirus — should be mandatory for all, a new poll by Ipsos suggests. … Read More