Italy planning COVID-19 vaccinations for at least 80% of population by end of September

Italy said on Saturday it aimed to vaccinate at least 80 per cent of its population by the end of September, following criticism about the slow pace of the rollout … Read More

Italians mark coronavirus outbreak anniversary by paying tribute to those who died

With wreath-laying ceremonies, tree plantings and church services, Italians on Sunday marked one year since their country experienced its first known COVID-19 death. Towns in Italy’s north were the first … Read More

Several European countries ban travel from U.K. as new coronavirus strain spreads

Italy’s foreign minister announced Sunday that Italy is suspending flights from Britain “to protect Italians” from the new coronavirus variant. Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Twitter that the government … Read More

England, Greece, parts of Italy return to coronavirus lockdown

Several European countries have reintroduced lockdown measures and other restrictions as new coronavirus infections surge across the continent. British lawmakers approved a month-long lockdown in England, voting on Wednesday in favour of … Read More

England, parts of Italy return to coronavirus lockdown

Several European countries have reintroduced lockdown measures and other restrictions as new coronavirus infections surge across the continent. British lawmakers approved a month-long lockdown in England, voting on Wednesday in favour of … Read More

Italy makes face masks mandatory outdoors as coronavirus cases climb

ROME — Italy on Wednesday made it mandatory to wear face masks outdoors nationwide in an effort to reduce rising COVID-19 infections, the health ministry said after the cabinet agreed … Read More

Coronavirus cases in U.S. top 5 million as infections rise in nearly 20 states

The confirmed number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. reached 5 million Sunday, by far the highest in the world, according to the tally kept by Johns Hopkins University. However, … Read More

Coronavirus direct cause of death for 89% of Italy’s COVID-19 victims

The new coronavirus has directly caused the death of 9 out of 10 of Italian COVID-19 victims, a study released on Thursday said, shedding new light on the epidemic which … Read More

Germany cautions coronavirus pandemic far from over as economies restart

German Chancellor Angela Merkel cautioned Saturday that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, as regional outbreaks gave rise to fears of a second wave. Two of the largest U.S. … Read More

No evidence of coronavirus becoming less severe: WHO, experts say

World Health Organization experts and a range of other scientists said on Monday there was no evidence to support an assertion by a high-profile Italian doctor that the coronavirus causing … Read More

Italy’s nursing homes struggle to survive after thousands died from coronavirus

Italy’s nursing homes, ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic which claimed the lives of thousands of residents, face financial pressures that threaten to put many out of business and create a … Read More

Italy questions what went wrong as coronavirus measures begin to ease

As Italy prepares to emerge from the West’s first and most extensive coronavirus lockdown, it is increasingly clear that something went terribly wrong in Lombardy, the hardest-hit region in Europe’s … Read More

Coronavirus: Lack of new virus hotspots fuels debate on when to ease restrictions

A lack of new hotspots in the coronavirus pandemic appeared to be holding Tuesday, fueling a debate about how soon authorities could start scaling back social restrictions and reopen economies. … Read More

U.S., Britain brace for wave of deaths as coronavirus crisis deepens

The virus is spread by microscopic droplets from coughs or sneezes. For most people, the virus causes mild to moderate symptoms such as fever and cough. But for some, especially older adults and those with existing health problems, it can cause pneumonia and death. Over 263,000 people have recovered worldwide.

Clearing the air: Carbon emissions down amid coronavirus outbreak

The novel coronavirus has brought the world to a screeching halt, and the environment is benefitting in a big way. In an attempt to decrease the rapid spread of COVID-19, … Read More

COMMENTARY: How Switzerland ended up with the second-highest coronavirus infection rate in the world

Global attention is mainly focused for the moment on the grave coronavirus crisis in Italy and the accelerating crisis that is developing in New York City and across the United … Read More

Dolphins return to Italy’s coast amid coronavirus lockdown: ‘Nature just hit the reset button’

Amid the bad news following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, some things happen to be looking up in Italy. Wildlife that typically kept away from the Italian coast … Read More

Engineers 3D-print patented valves for free to save coronavirus patients in Italy

An engineering company in Italy is saving lives and risking a future lawsuit by 3D-printing an expensive — and patented — medical valve needed to treat victims of COVID-19, the … Read More

Italy rushes 10K medical students into service during coronavirus outbreak, scrapping final exams

Left with no choice amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Italy is rushing 10,000 medical students into service, axing their final exams. The country has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 outside … Read More

Coronavirus: World hunkers down as businesses, borders close

With borders slamming shut, schools and businesses closing and increasingly drastic restrictions on movement in place, tens of millions of people were hunkered down Tuesday, heeding government calls to isolate … Read More

‘All is well’: Triage and lies await Italy’s critical coronavirus patients

The fight against death pauses every day at 1 p.m. At that time, doctors in the intensive care unit of Policlinico San Donato phone relatives of the unit’s 25 critically-ill … Read More

American coronavirus cases are where Italy was 2 weeks ago: U.S. surgeon general

The U.S. surgeon general said Monday that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached the level that Italy recorded two weeks ago, a sign that infections … Read More