Japan to only hospitalize seriously ill COVID-19 cases as medical system strains

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Death toll from mudslide in Japan resort town rises to 4, dozens remain missing

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Japan approves Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines as it races to stem COVID-19 wave

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Japan’s coronavirus vaccine roll-out hampered by shortage of necessary syringes

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Tokyo Olympic organizers to unveil coronavirus safety ‘playbook’ in early February

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Japan’s economic crisis hits new low amid coronavirus, setting test for next PM

Japan’s economy sank deeper into its worst postwar contraction in the second quarter as the coronavirus jolted businesses more than initially thought, underscoring the daunting task the new prime minister … Read More

Tokyo Olympics must go on ‘at any cost’ even if coronavirus lasts into 2021: minister

The rearranged Tokyo Olympic Games must be held “at any cost” in 2021, Japan’s Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto said on Tuesday. Speaking at a news conference, Hashimoto said the Games … Read More

‘Moving black worm’ removed from tonsil of woman with sore throat

Is that tickle in your throat the first sign of COVID-19 — or something even creepier? Doctors in Japan say they successfully removed a long, thin, “moving black worm” from … Read More

Coronavirus: Japan expected to lift state of emergency, but not for Tokyo

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Coronavirus: With no fear of penalties, Japanese defy stay-at-home requests

Under Japan’s coronavirus state of emergency, people have been asked to stay home. Many are not. Some still have to commute to their jobs despite risks of infection, while others … Read More

Holding Olympics in 2021 will be ‘difficult’ without coronavirus vaccine: official

It is too early to consider lifting Japan’s state of emergency over the coronavirus, the head of the Japan Medical Association said on Tuesday, adding that it will be difficult … Read More

148 coronavirus cases confirmed on cruise ship docked in Japan: official

Nearly 150 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed among crew members of an Italian cruise ship docked in Japan after health authorities finished testing everyone on board, an official … Read More