Are fake vaccine cards being used to enter Canada?

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2-dose vaccine series may be offered to those previously infected with COVID-19: NACI

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COVID-19 outbreaks among unvaccinated NFL players could lead to forfeited games

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China reports its first human death from rare monkey B virus

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Want Gen Z on the COVID-19 vaccine train? Fresh online push is key, experts say

Tori Pareno became a face of Luminosity Gaming’s #LGIGotTheShot campaign when she was vaccinated against COVID-19 last year. “I did it because I wanted to be with my loved ones. … Read More

‘Unethical and illogical’: scientists slam U.K.’s COVID-19 unlocking plans

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Reopening post-pandemic could trigger Canadians battling addiction, experts warn

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Rethinking the wine-to-unwind culture amid the pandemic

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Will Canada’s COVID-19 babies face ‘immunity debt’? Here’s what experts say

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Fully vaccinated Americans do not need COVID-19 booster shots right now: Fauci

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Canadians with long COVID: Sick and, increasingly, worried they’ll go broke

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COVID-19 outbreaks in unvaccinated groups like kids under 12 very much a ‘reality’: Tam

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Ontario researchers find how some COVID-19 vaccines can trigger blood clots

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Chinese gene company using prenatal tests to harvest data from millions of women

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10 more victims found at site of collapsed condo in Surfside, Florida

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Fish can get hooked on meth in drug-polluted waters, study suggests

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Ever Given ship that blocked Suez Canal hits water after deal struck

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New Assembly of First Nations chief to be named as virtual election takes place

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‘I am concerned.’ B.C. wildfires could lead to higher home insurance rates

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Elsa strengthens into hurricane as it races toward Florida’s northern Gulf Coast

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Tropical Storm Elsa strengthening, could become hurricane in Florida

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Who is Mary Simon, Canada’s first Indigenous governor general?

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Ukraine army under fire for making female cadets march in heels

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Feds set to begin procurement process for Toronto-Quebec City high-frequency rail corridor

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The privilege of pandemic private jets. How wealthy Canadians travelled during COVID-19

For the past 15 months, Canadians have been advised to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada, but the definition of “essential” travel is open to interpretation and personal judgment. While … Read More

Canada ‘lucky’ no big hits taken from world’s largest ransomware attack: expert

Canadian companies are “lucky” that the world’s largest ransomware attack to date hasn’t affected them more substantially so far, one cybersecurity expert said. On Friday, IT software provider Kaseya was … Read More

Canada’s new border rules have kicked in. Here’s what to know

Canadians and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated are now able to enter the country without having to quarantine — provided they have proof of inoculation and have submitted a … Read More

New online calculator can predict how long seniors have left to live, what help they need

Amid a lack of proper support for Canadians receiving home-based support towards the end of their lives, a new risk calculator is helping predict how long seniors have left to … Read More

‘Figure of hope’ praised for role in COVID-19 fight after her death

A Quebec woman who was the first person in Canada to receive a COVID-19 vaccine has died. Gisèle Lévesque, 89, died peacefully of natural causes last Monday, surrounded by family, … Read More

Want to skip Canada’s quarantine hotels? Depends on which COVID-19 vaccine you got

As of July 5, all fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada will be exempt from the mandatory 14-day stay inside one of the country’s COVID-19 quarantine hotels — but only if … Read More

Dufflet’s Chocolate Cake advertised as vegan recalled over egg allergy warning

Dufflet Pastries is recalling its plant-based chocolate cake from the marketplace because it contains egg that was not declared on the label. They are advising anyone allergic to eggs to … Read More

Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw boy walks for awareness: ‘That could have been me in one of those graves’

At age 11, Landyn Toney already has the strength of his convictions. On July 1, Landyn is walking for six days and 157 km from his house in Valley, N.S., … Read More

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses 94% protective against death in 65+ group: U.K. data

By Alistair Smout Reuters Posted July 1, 2021 11:51 am Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 … Read More

Over 270K Canadians got the Covishield vaccine. They may not be eligible for EU travel

Europe is starting to roll out its Digital COVID Certificate, a proof of COVID-19 vaccination program that could one day allow double-dosed Canadians to sip wine at a French vineyard … Read More

Poor ventilation in N.S. classrooms continues to be health risk, says teachers union

Nova Scotia Teachers Union president Paul Wozney says as the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, poor ventilation in classrooms continues to be one of the biggest issues, especially … Read More

Canada’s COVID-19 death toll could be thousands higher than official count: report

More than 26,000 Canadians have died from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to government statistics. This is a huge number, but researchers say it might not be … Read More

‘Not engraved in stone’: Experts weigh in on Canada’s fully vaccinated guidelines

Canada on Friday released the highly-anticipated updated public health guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The guidelines, described as “nuanced” by Canada’s top doctor, provided new … Read More

Yukon adds 44 more COVID-19 cases as virus ‘widely transmitted’ across territory

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted June 27, 2021 11:56 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Yukon is reporting 44 new … Read More

‘It broke my heart’: ER doctor aims to fight loneliness ‘epidemic’ amid COVID-19

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto emergency room physician Jacques Lee was met with an elderly man who felt he was dying from loneliness. “He begged me … Read More

Fully vaccinated against COVID-19? Canada unveils new guidance on what you can, can’t do

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‘1 in 8 billion’: How a devastating genetic anomaly hit 3 Alberta siblings

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18 more hand sanitizers added to Health Canada’s growing recall list

Health Canada is adding 18 different hand sanitizers to its growing list of disinfectant recalls they say may pose health risks to members of the public. According to Health Canada, … Read More

COVID-19 measures still needed as vaccines not ‘absolutely perfect,’ Tam warns

COVID-19  vaccines aren’t foolproof, and so we can’t yet do away with other precautionary measures, warned Canada’s chief public health officer. At a press conference Tuesday, Dr. Theresa Tam said … Read More

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause post-menopausal bleeding?

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