U.K. doctors to ‘urgently review’ 12-week gap between coronavirus vaccine doses

A major British doctors’ group says the U.K. government should “urgently review” its decision to give people a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine up to 12 weeks after … Read More

COVID-19 variants could be spreading across Canada. Are labs doing enough to detect them?

Canadian labs have detected about two dozen cases of concerning COVID-19 variants in our country so far. Read more: Community spread of new COVID-19 variants may be happening in Canada: … Read More

‘We know this is real’: New clinics for coronavirus long-haulers crop up in U.S.

COVID-19 came early for Catherine Busa, and it never really left. The 54-year-old New York City school secretary didn’t have any underlying health problems when she caught the coronavirus in … Read More

Fauci says 100M coronavirus vaccinations in 100 days ‘absolutely a doable thing’

President-elect Joe Biden’s goal of delivering 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine within the first 100 days of his presidency “is absolutely a doable thing,” Anthony Fauci, director of the … Read More

How tracking variants of the novel coronavirus is like building a family tree

Scientists around the world are digging into a family tree — but they’re not out to prepare for a family reunion. Virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and microbiologists are trying to track … Read More

Fact or Fiction: Will decriminalizing and regulating illegal drugs save lives in Ontario?

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the country, a silent epidemic armed with an unregulated poison has been killing Ontarians at a horrifying rate. Multiple health officials have sounded the alarm … Read More

Second year of pandemic ‘could even be tougher’ as coronavirus surges, WHO says

The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic may be tougher than the first given how the new coronavirus is spreading, especially in the northern hemisphere as more infectious variants circulate, … Read More

Online coronavirus vaccine tool estimates when Canadians will get their shots

As coronavirus vaccines are being gradually rolled out across Canada, one lingering question on most people’s minds is when their turn will come to get the shot. Now, an online … Read More

What the COVID-19 variant from South Africa means for pandemic, vaccines

Like all other viruses, COVID-19 continues to mutate. Fears are rising over the latest variant, this time discovered in South Africa. Read more: COVID-19 variant found in South Africa might … Read More

No evidence coronavirus vaccine will work if second shot comes too late: Pfizer-BioNTech

BioNTech and partner Pfizer warned on Monday that they had no evidence that their jointly developed vaccine will continue to protect against COVID-19 if the booster shot is given later … Read More

‘Real tension’: Should all coronavirus vaccine volunteers now get the real thing?

Tens of thousands of people have volunteered to test COVID-19 vaccines, but only about half of them got the real thing during trials. Now, with the first vaccine rollouts and … Read More

COVID-19 variant may not be deadlier, but we shouldn’t dismiss it: experts

A new study on the variant of COVID-19 permeating in England — and popping up in Canada — suggests the mutation isn’t any more likely to lead to hospitalization or … Read More

‘Possibility’ Moderna vaccine could be approved for children in 2021, Health Canada says

Health Canada’s chief medical adviser said Wednesday it was “within the realm of possibility” that Moderna’s novel coronavirus vaccine could be approved for children by 2021. Dr. Supriya Sharma’s announcement … Read More

Saskatoon lab receives Health Canada authorization for COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial

VIDO says it has reached a milestone in developing a coronavirus vaccine. The Saskatoon-based lab at the University of Saskatchewan received the green light from Health Canada to start Phase … Read More

Russia, AstraZeneca agree to test combination of coronavirus vaccines

Developers of the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V on Monday announced signing an agreement with AstraZeneca to test a combination of the British drugmaker’s COVID-19 shots and a component of … Read More

‘Good news’: Coronavirus vaccine will still protect against new U.K. variant, WHO says

The novel coronavirus vaccine should still work against the new variant of the virus spreading quickly in the United Kingdom. That’s “good news,” the World Health Organization said on Monday. … Read More

First COVID-19 vaccines given in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has begun vaccinating health-care workers and long-term care residents against the coronavirus in Miramichi. “We’re really quite excited, people are pumped up, they’re believing it’s a historic day … Read More

New coronavirus variant spreading quickly, U.K. medical officer says

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held emergency talks with his Cabinet on Saturday as the government’s scientific advisors said a new variant of the coronavirus was accelerating the spread of … Read More

Will the coronavirus vaccine cause infertility? Here’s what you need to know

If you clicked on this story, chances are you’re among the growing number of people looking for answers about whether the coronavirus vaccine is safe for pregnant people, or about … Read More

Health Canada approves $2.8M treatment for spinal muscular atrophy Type 1

Health Canada has approved Zolgensma, which is bringing renewed hope to Alberta families that have been tirelessly fundraising to afford its staggering cost of $2.8 million. At least four children in … Read More

Health Canada approves $2.8M treatment for spinal muscular atrophy

Health Canada has approved Zolgensma, which is bringing renewed hope to Alberta families that have been tirelessly fundraising to afford its staggering cost of $2.8 million. At least four children in … Read More

What’s in Pfizer’s vaccine? A look at the ingredients

The newness of the novel coronavirus coupled with the quick development of a vaccine has put Pfizer and BioNTech’s shots under the proverbial microscope — particularly about the ingredients it … Read More

How long will the COVID-19 vaccine protect you? Here’s what we know so far

With COVID-19 vaccinations officially underway in Canada and other parts around the world, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel, even as coronavirus cases and … Read More

‘No need to panic’: COVID-19 mutations unlikely to impact vaccine, experts say

All viruses mutate, it’s just what they do. Scientists create a new flu vaccine every year, for instance, just to keep up. For SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, the … Read More

Wildfires take over from industry as major source of cancer-causing air toxins: study

Wildfires have taken over from industry as a major source of a group of cancer-causing chemical toxins in the air, Environment Canada says. The first national assessment of polycyclic aromatic … Read More

Coronavirus vaccines: What you should know about the side effects

Almost a year into the coronavirus outbreak, and following months of scientific research and clinical trials by Pfizer and BioNTech, a newly approved COVID-19 vaccine began to roll out in Canada … Read More

‘Unpredictable pathogen’: New coronavirus study highlights severity of illness

While some people diagnosed with the novel coronavirus complain of symptoms like a loss of smell or taste, COVID-19 can cause a wide range of health complications far more serious … Read More

Decades of research laid groundwork for speedy coronavirus vaccines: experts

How could scientists race out COVID-19 vaccines so fast without cutting corners? A head start helped — over a decade of behind-the-scenes research that had new vaccine technology poised for … Read More

‘Massive undertaking’: Roadmap of Canada’s coronavirus vaccine roll-out

If all goes according to plan, Canadians will start getting vaccinated for the novel coronavirus early next year. And one of the people spearheading those efforts is a Canadian from … Read More

Nova Scotia expects to start COVID-19 vaccinations for high-risk groups in January

While the batches will be small, Nova Scotia’s health officials have confirmed that doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive this month. The province said select public immunization should … Read More

Coronavirus therapeutics: A look at COVID-19 treatments in Canada

After weeks of illness and breathing difficulties, when COVID-19 patient Tony Passarelli was put on a ventilator at the Etobicoke General Hospital in Toronto back in March, doctors had painted … Read More

Your guide to COVAX, the WHO’s coronavirus global vaccine plan

As world leaders race to sign contracts with pharmaceutical companies to pre-order potential novel coronavirus vaccines, experts warn that this may leave lower-income countries without enough doses to inoculate their … Read More

U.K. to assess AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine as questions swirl over data

The British government said Friday it has formally asked the country’s medicines regulator to assess whether a coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University should be authorized for use. The step … Read More

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing error raises questions

AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged a manufacturing error that is raising questions about preliminary results of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine. A statement describing the error came days after … Read More

Men with genetic disorder hemochromatosis 10 times more likely to develop liver cancer: study

A global study suggests that men with hemochromatosis — a genetic disorder that impacts one in 327 Canadians — are 10 times more likely to develop liver cancer than the … Read More

Some coronavirus vaccines claim to be over 90% effective. What does that mean?

In recent weeks, several developers working to create the world’s first viable vaccine candidate for the novel coronavirus have shared results from their preliminary and late-stage trials, touting high efficacy … Read More

Two shots. A waiting period. Why the coronavirus vaccine won’t be a quick fix

News about a potential coronavirus vaccine has, predictably, prompted excitement from a lockdown-weary world. But experts say: Not so fast. “It’s completely understandable to have enthusiasm, but this is not … Read More

Canada could get multiple coronavirus vaccines. Experts say there are unique challenges

Vaccine-related news has dominated the waterfall of coronavirus headlines in recent weeks and so far, it’s been refreshingly positive. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines could be approved in the coming months, and … Read More

Coronavirus patients highly infectious for first 9 days, according to new study

People who contract the new coronavirus are most likely to be highly infectious for nine days after the onset of symptoms, a new study has found, reinforcing the need for … Read More

How long does coronavirus immunity last? Some studies suggest months

New research is now emerging that suggests a person can have immunity to the new coronavirus as many as eight months after getting infected with the COVID-19 disease. A study … Read More

China’s Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine induces quick immune response: study

Sinovac Biotech’s experimental coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac triggered a quick immune response but the level of antibodies produced was lower than in people who had recovered from the disease, according to … Read More

China’s Sinovac coronavirus vaccine induces quick immune response: study

Sinovac Biotech’s experimental coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac triggered a quick immune response but the level of antibodies produced was lower than in people who had recovered from the disease, according to … Read More

The global race for coronavirus vaccine doses: how does Canada compare?

With vaccines for the novel coronavirus within reach, countries around the world are rushing to secure access to doses they hope will help end a deadly pandemic that has so … Read More

Alberta Health says province has had only 1 human case of rare swine flu

An investigation into Canada’s first human case of a rare swine flu variant in central Alberta has determined it’s the only one in the area. Alberta Health says in a … Read More

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine: What you need to know

In another promising development in the global race to find a coronavirus vaccine, U.S. drugmaker Moderna said its candidate has proven to be nearly 95 per cent effective in protecting … Read More

Janssen to begin final stage trials of coronavirus candidate in the U.K.

Britain will be the first country to run final stage trials of an experimental coronavirus vaccine being developed by the pharmaceutical company Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Scientists … Read More

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective, company says

For the second time this month, there’s promising news from a COVID-19 vaccine candidate: Moderna said Monday its shots provide strong protection, a dash of hope against the grim backdrop … Read More

Global study suggests routine COVID-19 testing of elective surgery patients can save lives

A study involving researchers from around the world, including London, Ont., suggests that testing patients for COVID-19 before major elective surgery in regions experiencing a high spread of the virus … Read More

Coronavirus: London, Ont., team creates tool to measure effectiveness, privacy of COVID-19 apps

A duo out of Western University in London, Ont., has created a new tool that they say will help provincial and national policymakers make decisions on which of the “near-endless … Read More