Magic mushrooms grew in man’s blood after he injected them as a tea

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Chinese pharma leak infects thousands with bacterial disease

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Trump backs doctor who believes in COVID-19 cure and ‘demon sperm’

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N.S. Senator pushes for Emancipation Day to be nationally recognized

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Try ‘glory holes’ for safer sex during coronavirus, B.C. CDC says

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Teenager dies of bubonic plague after eating marmot in Mongolia

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‘Moving black worm’ removed from tonsil of woman with sore throat

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Man can’t see the numbers 2-9, thanks to rare disease

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Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla out of California over coronavirus rules

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New York testing COVID-19 survivors’ blood as boost for the infected

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One hantavirus death in China sparks ‘hysteria’ over old disease

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Don’t trust Trump’s coronavirus ‘cure,’ says widow of man poisoned by chloroquine

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Clearing the air: Carbon emissions down amid coronavirus outbreak

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Dolphins return to Italy’s coast amid coronavirus lockdown: ‘Nature just hit the reset button’

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Engineers 3D-print patented valves for free to save coronavirus patients in Italy

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‘Truly heroes’: Tributes pour in for doctors, nurses fighting coronavirus pandemic

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Italy rushes 10K medical students into service during coronavirus outbreak, scrapping final exams

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Couple leaves $9,400 tip to help restaurant staff through coronavirus shutdown

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Siblings put on porch concert for elderly neighbour in COVID-19 isolation

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‘Big Brother’ Germany houseguests to find out about coronavirus on live TV

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Coronavirus: U.K. sewage system in danger of ‘fatberg’ clogs thanks to wet wipes, paper towels

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Hand sanitizer hoarder under investigation after trying to sell bottles for $70 each

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Penguins go on ‘field trip’ after U.S. aquarium shuts down during coronavirus pandemic

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