Can the flu shot and other routine vaccines protect against COVID-19?

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Biden promises vastly different approach to COVID-19 pandemic

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Canada’s 1st COVID-19 vaccinations administered, kicking off massive campaign

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Canada’s 1st COVID-19 vaccination administered in Toronto

TORONTO — A personal support worker from a Toronto nursing home received Canada’s first COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, kicking off what will be a massive national immunization campaign. Anita Quidangen, a … Read More

Ontario says the province’s 1st COVID-19 vaccination will be administered Monday

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Ontario’s 1st COVID-19 vaccination administered in Toronto

TORONTO — Ontario has administered the province’s first COVID-19 vaccination. A personal support worker from a Toronto long-term care home received the first dose at the University Health Network. The … Read More

Front-line health workers will be first to get COVID-19 vaccine in B.C.

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Canadians urged to maintain routine vaccinations as measles soars globally

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Debate begins on who gets the coronavirus vaccine first

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