Guinea reports first-ever case of rare and deadly Marburg virus

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Will Canada’s COVID-19 babies face ‘immunity debt’? Here’s what experts say

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B.C. researchers to study how COVID-19 has spread in young people

BC Children’s Hospital is leading a research project to better understand how children and young adults in the province have been infected with COVID-19. The federal government’s COVID-19 immunity task … Read More

Seniors scared following another wave of long-term care COVID-19 outbreaks

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Coronavirus: B.C. is trending towards massive growth of new cases in September

New data presented by the provincial government shows if British Columbia continues its current trend there will be more new cases of COVID-19 than during the virus’s current peak. The … Read More

B.C. health officials to present modelling data as COVID-19 cases climb

B.C.’s provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix will be presenting the province’s latest modelling data on Thursday afternoon. The presentation will be live on … Read More

First Nations people have fared better than B.C. average in COVID-19 pandemic: report

B.C.’s First Nations Health Authority says First Nations people have fared better than the provincial average when it comes to the spread of COVID-19. Health authorities across the province tested … Read More

Celebrities and public figures who’ve tested positive for coronavirus

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Coronavirus: Poor Indian workers flee to villages amid strict COVID-19 measures

Thousands of poor city migrants whose livelihoods have collapsed due to India’s coronavirus measures headed back to their villages on Saturday, raising fears that the exodus could carry the virus … Read More

Miss Persona has a message for kids amid coronavirus pandemic: ‘We must stay strong’

Miss Persona and Brandon Bear have an important message for kids everywhere during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The Treehouse Direct personalities announced on YouTube that teddy bear kindergarten is cancelled … Read More

Hitting ‘paws’ on life: Coronavirus self-isolating with pets has been a saving grace for many

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Italy rushes 10K medical students into service during coronavirus outbreak, scrapping final exams

Left with no choice amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Italy is rushing 10,000 medical students into service, axing their final exams. The country has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 outside … Read More

‘The unknowns’: Giving birth amidst the worldwide coronavirus pandemic

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‘We are at war’: France mobilizes army, tightens lockdown over coronavirus outbreak

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday ordered stringent restrictions on people’s movement to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and said the army would be drafted in to help move … Read More

Coronavirus: U.K. sewage system in danger of ‘fatberg’ clogs thanks to wet wipes, paper towels

As many rush to stores to panic-purchase toilet paper amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, they’re being warned over overusing substitutes like paper towel and wet wipes. They’re clogging, and potentially … Read More