Coronavirus: Fitbit launches study to detect COVID-19 before symptoms begin

Fitbit is launching a study in Canada and the U.S. in an attempt to build an algorithm to detect COVID-19 before symptoms begin.

In a press release issued Thursday, Fitbit said it is seeking those 21-years-old or older, who are living in Canada and the U.S., who have, or previously have COVID-19, or flu symptoms.

Fitbit said those people will be invited to answer a few “quick questions ” to help develop the algorithm.

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They’ll be asked whether they have had COVID-19 or the flu, and about symptoms they have experienced or are currently experiencing.

“These answers will be used in conjunction with other indicators in your Fitbit data to help researchers try to determine early signs of COVID-19 and flu,” the release reads.

According to Fitbit, those interested in taking part can access the survey in the company’s app.

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary and participants can choose to withdraw at any time, the company said.

“We appreciate you helping us work to try to better detect and respond to viral illness outbreaks, like COVID-19,” the release reads.

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According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, common symptoms of the virus include a cough, fever difficulty breathing and pneumonia in both lungs.

But, the agency said those who are infected with COVID-19 may have little to no symptoms, and may not know they have the virus.

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