Coronavirus: Ontario construction unions plead with government to shut them down

The Ontario Construction Consortium (OCC) is asking the Ford government to reconsider listing the industry as an essential business in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The OCC issued a released Tuesday urging the provincial government to “suspend work on construction sites across Ontario for 14 days to protect the safety of workers and employers amid the COVID-19 crisis.”

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The executive director of the OCC, Phil Gillies said the announcement by Premier Doug Ford to shut down non-essential businesses confused the construction industry and has left workers feeling unprotected.

“It makes no sense that you can’t have your neighbour over for a cup of coffee yet construction sites are expected to continue operations and they can have hundreds of employees working in close proximity to each other,” said Gillies.

“This is contrary to the best advice of public health officials to maintain social distancing.”

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The government issued a list of 74 essential services and businesses that would be allowed to stay open during the pandemic.

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Gillies said the unions for carpenters and painters are also calling for the same shut down.

“As Premier Ford announced [yesterday], the construction workers of this province should not be expected to work on job sites where the basic safety requirements for COVID-19 are not being met,” said Tony Iannuzzi, the executive secretary treasurer of the carpenters’ union.

“Those minimum standards simply do not exist on most of our job sites.”

Meanwhile, several people have taken to social media to post incidents of unsanitary and unsafe conditions on several worksites.

When asked about unsanitary conditions at construction sites, Ford directed his answer to those in charge of the sites and said: “Get your act together, get your act together! Protect your frontline workers, to have an outhouse overflowing, it’s unacceptable.”

When asked whether sites would be closed, prior to the list being released, Ford would not confirm and simply said workers who felt unsafe should “leave the site.”

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With construction sites still being asked to operate, the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) released a “best practice guide” for employees.

“Safety has and always will be the industry’s top priority,” said Richard Lyall, president of RESCON in a released Tuesday. “Site safety is the builders’ responsibility and they must work with sub-trades employers to ensure all on-site workers and work sites are safe.”

The guide includes seven safety recommendations created by health and safety officials in the construction industry.

1. Maintain good personal hygiene (construction or not)
2. On-site Sanitation
3. Practise physical distancing
4. Communicate policies
5. Protect your family and roommates — workers should wash clothing.
6. Report illness
7. Track sick workers

As of Tuesday morning, the province reported 573 active coronavirus cases, seven deaths and eight resolved.

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