Coronavirus: Payments for Canadians with disabilities still in limbo

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to provide a $600 payment to disabled Canadians to help with additional costs in the COVID-19 pandemic remains in limbo.

The measure was contained in a piece of legislation that failed to pass in June and no replacement is on the agenda for a House of Commons sitting this week.

A spokesperson for Carla Qualtrough, the minister in charge of the file, says the government continues to work to find a solution but provided no details.

The opposition Conservative-party and New Democrats say the Liberals have to find a way to make good on that pledge.

The Liberals have accused the Tories in particular of holding up the aid, arguing they were the ones who refused to pass the bill back in June.

But the Conservatives say had the Liberals agreed for the House of Commons to resume fully, they would have had the support they needed.

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