Health Canada proposes ban on most vaping flavours it says appeal to youth

The federal government says it wants to ban most flavoured vaping products in a bid to reduce their appeal to youth.

Health Canada released draft regulations Friday that would restrict all e-cigarette flavours except tobacco, mint and menthol.

The proposed rules would prohibit the use of most flavouring ingredients, including all sugars and sweeteners, in vaping products.

Ottawa also wants to forbid the promotion of flavours other than tobacco, mint or menthol and set standards that would limit the tastes and smells that vaping products can evoke.

The government also finalized regulations that lower the maximum nicotine concentration for vaping products sold in Canada to 20 mg/ml from 66 mg/ml.

The nicotine cap will take effect for e-cigarette manufacturers on July 8, and retailers will have to pull products that exceed the limit after July 23.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 18, 2021.

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