Social post gives new meaning to ‘viral video’ during COVID-19 pandemic

A viral video featuring Canada’s favourite pastime — hockey — and one of its latest obsessions — toilet paper — has been making the social media rounds and illustrating how we can all stay connected despite self-isolation.

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The video, shared on Facebook by Manitoban Ashleigh Mae Debreuil, who credits its creation to Bryton Palka and Devon Chudy, had reached close to 250,000 views by early Friday afternoon.

The one-and-a-half minute clip shows Canadians ‘passing’ a roll of toilet paper from city to city on their hockey sticks, from Winnipeg to throughout rural Manitoba and on to Ontario, Alberta,  and B.C.

0:44Australian couple accidentally buys over 2000 boxes of toilet paper

Australian couple accidentally buys over 2000 boxes of toilet paper

“During this time of social distancing and self-isolation it sure was uplifting to watch,” said Debreuil in the original Facebook post.

“Just had to share it with you.”

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