Canada’s elite athletes at greater risk for mental disorders, study finds

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Reopening post-pandemic could trigger Canadians battling addiction, experts warn

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‘Nightmares and flashbacks’: Experts say COVID-19 patients are experiencing PTSD

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The story of Lexi Daken and a New Brunswick mother’s fight to fix a ‘completely failing’ system

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Shortage of last-resort antidepressant creating ‘scary situation’ for patients: pharmacists

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Exercise may be the cure for ‘Blue Monday,’ experts say

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Magic mushrooms grew in man’s blood after he injected them as a tea

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N.S. social workers call for systemic overhaul of the mental health and addiction services system

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Albertans report greatest increase of stress as Canadians’ mental health plummets

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Anxiety and depression due to COVID-19 highest in Nova Scotia: survey

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New CAMH campaign aims to change Canadian suicide statistics

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