Double trouble: Wildfire smoke increasing the risk of COVID-19, experts warn

Gripped by a fourth wave of COVID-19, cases in Canada are surging again as parts of the country continue to grapple with another disaster: wildfires. Over the past week, more … Read More

‘Ecological grief is very real’ and it can impact mental health of Canadian youth

Sabrina Huot sometimes feel the weight of the world and it’s climate on her shoulders. The MacEwan University student advocates sustainability and leads by example — riding her bike most … Read More

Experts urge caution as Canada’s COVID-19 waste washes up on coastlines

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Toxins linked to cancer widely used in long-lasting makeup, study warns

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The particles, gases and organisms in wildfire smoke — and what they mean for your health

When wildfire smoke blanketed Vancouver in September 2020, the effects were soon felt in the city’s emergency rooms. “We do see it at the peak of the wildfire season,” said Dr. … Read More

COVID 19 weakened environmental rules across Canada, mostly in Alberta: study

A University of Calgary study has found Alberta relaxed more environmental rules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic than any other government in Canada. Victoria Goodday at the university’s School … Read More

Trudeau government backpedals on investigating human rights complaints against mining companies

WARNING: This story contains elements that may be disturbing to some audiences. Claudiana dos Santos has a nebulizer at her home in Itapicuru, a community in Bahia, Brazil, that sits … Read More

New Brunswick’s ‘Women of the Wilderness’ group grows amid the pandemic

A women’s wilderness group in Riverview, N.B., has seen a surge in members in the last year as more women take to the outdoors. “There has been a lot definitely … Read More

Coronavirus: Quebec’s Ecomuseum reopening brings relief and concern

Despite the frigid temperatures the Ecomuseum officially reopened its doors to the public Friday morning to a line of eager guests. More than 150 visitors are expected to venture into … Read More

35% of Canadians learned a new recipe during the pandemic: survey

A food literacy survey by Dalhousie University showed that fewer Canadians learned a new recipe during the pandemic than expected. A total of 10,004 Canadians were surveyed in January 2021 … Read More

As COVID-19 fuels demand for air purifiers, experts warn of risks

Air purifiers have become a hot commodity during the coronavirus pandemic, with demand soaring especially during the winter months. “The demand for air purification products, in general, has really skyrocketed … Read More

Coronavirus: Quebec to cover cost of recovering and recycling disposable masks from high schools

The Quebec government is inviting high schools to collect the disposable medical masks being distributed to students so they don’t end up in landfills. About 500,000 blue masks are being … Read More

Atlantic First Nations building geothermal greenhouses to address food insecurity

The Potlotek First Nation in Cape Breton is one of several Indigenous communities in Atlantic Canada that is launching a project to address food insecurity using a geothermal greenhouse that … Read More

Wildfires take over from industry as major source of cancer-causing air toxins: study

Wildfires have taken over from industry as a major source of a group of cancer-causing chemical toxins in the air, Environment Canada says. The first national assessment of polycyclic aromatic … Read More

Trail use has increased during the coronavirus pandemic

Kathleen Doane and Susan Vaslet have been making it a priority to get outside and go for walks as often as possible throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “For our sanity, for … Read More

COVID-19 detected in Wolfville, N.S., wastewater in experimental research

The Town of Wolfville says new research has detected coronavirus in the town’s wastewater. In October, Fredericton-based company LuminUltra filed a patent for technology that it says can help provide … Read More

Radon levels higher than recommended in 37% of Halifax homes tested in 2019

A research initiative on radon levels in Halifax homes in 2019 showed half of the 76 homes tested had a high concentration of the gas, either at or exceeding limits … Read More

As N.L.’s oil industry sputters, the emotional toll of the cod moratorium looms large

Dave Mercer spent the early 1990s roaming around Newfoundland and Labrador, trying to get enough hours to qualify for unemployment insurance in an economy levelled by the collapse of the … Read More

Dangerous air from U.S. wildfires seeping into homes, businesses and cars: scientists

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How the U.S. wildfires are impacting air quality from B.C. to Ontario

Smoke from U.S. wildfires burning in Washington, Oregon and California has made its way to western Canada and is having visible impacts on air quality in several provinces. Grey skies … Read More

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un calls for readiness against coronavirus, typhoon

In a rare display of urgency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held his third high-level political conference in as many weeks, where he raised alarm about the nation’s coronavirus … Read More

Coronavirus: Feds to divert 12M kilograms of farmers’ surplus food to groups in need

More than one million dozen eggs will be redistributed via an emergency federal program designed to help farmers faced with too much food and nowhere to sell it. The $50-million … Read More

Florida surpasses 500K coronavirus cases as testing resumes after tropical storm

Florida surpassed 500,000 coronavirus cases Wednesday as testing ramped up following a temporary shutdown of some sites because of Tropical Storm Isaias, state officials said. A long line of cars … Read More

Scientists surprised at Fort McMurray fire’s long impact on rivers 4 years later

Four years after its flames guttered out, the record-breaking Fort McMurray wildfire continues to astound — this time with its lasting impact on an extensive river system. “It’s actually stunning … Read More

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority announces start dates for nightly camping

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is out with its plans to allow nightly camping at conservation areas in the region. Tuesday’s announcement is the latest in a staggered … Read More

Return to the land: COVID-19 lockdown shows importance of food traditions in northwest Saskatchewan

Editor’s note: The COVID-19 outbreak in northwest Saskatchewan has exposed weaknesses in the region’s fragile food system. In this three-part series, Global News will share what some local leaders, businesses … Read More

COVID-19 lockdown shows importance of food traditions in northwest Saskatchewan

Editor’s note: The COVID-19 outbreak in northwest Saskatchewan has exposed weaknesses in the region’s fragile food system. In this three-part series, Global News will share what some local leaders, businesses … Read More

Return to the land: Gardening grows in northwest Saskatchewan during COVID-19 lockdown

Editor’s note: The COVID-19 outbreak in northwest Saskatchewan has exposed weaknesses in the region’s fragile food system. In thiss three-part series, Global News will share what some local leaders, businesses … Read More

Electric vehicles could be as disruptive to oil industry as coronavirus, Suncor CEO says

The shift to electric vehicles and other low-carbon technologies could disrupt crude oil demand on a similar scale to the coronavirus pandemic, Suncor Energy Inc’s chief executive said on Monday. … Read More

Montrealers try to stay cool and safe amid spring heatwave during COVID-19

Montrealers have been trying to find ways to keep cool during a spring heatwave in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Temperatures soared to 30 C in many parts of … Read More

Quebec campgrounds, cottages set to reopen June 1

The Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx and the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks Pierre Dufour announced the government’s first phase of deconfinment in the tourism sector on Wednesday. Quebecers, … Read More

Alberta First Nations worried by suspension of oilsands environmental monitoring

The leader of a First Nation surrounded by oilsands development is frustrated by the Alberta Energy Regulator’s decision to suspend a wide array of environmental reporting requirements for oilsands companies. … Read More

Alberta suspends some environmental monitoring at 16 oilsands projects due to COVID-19

The Alberta Energy Regulator has suspended more than a dozen environmental rules at 16 different oilsands projects after four major companies in the Canadian oil patch asked for relief amid … Read More

Oil site cleanup program sees 18,000 applications in 4 days, ‘significantly’ over expectations

Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan says interest in a new federally-funded program to put oil industry workers back to work cleaning up abandoned wells in Alberta amid the coronavirus pandemic … Read More

Canada’s wildfire season expected to be ‘well above average’: Natural Resources Canada

As Canada continues to fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, western provinces could see a wildfire season that’s “well above average,” according to scientists with the federal government. Natural Resources Canada … Read More

Investing in climate goals could play key role in coronavirus economic recovery

OTTAWA — The federal government is quietly looking at longer-term recovery plans from the COVID-19 crisis even as its focus remains squarely on getting more than $100 billion in emergency … Read More

COVID-19 and Northern Pulp closure a ‘perfect storm’ for province’s forestry sector

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted March 28, 2020 1:59 pm Updated March 28, 2020 2:03 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size … Read More

Coronavirus: Parks Canada to close national parks, historic sites to vehicle traffic

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted March 24, 2020 1:34 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Parks Canada is restricting vehicles … Read More

Clearing the air: Carbon emissions down amid coronavirus outbreak

The novel coronavirus has brought the world to a screeching halt, and the environment is benefitting in a big way. In an attempt to decrease the rapid spread of COVID-19, … Read More

Coronavirus: Uncertainty over temporary foreign workers worries Atlantic farmers

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Dolphins return to Italy’s coast amid coronavirus lockdown: ‘Nature just hit the reset button’

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Supreme Court postpones federal carbon tax challenge in response to coronavirus

The Supreme Court of Canada has postponed until at least June hearing a constitutional challenge of the federal government’s carbon tax over the spread of a novel coronavirus. The top … Read More