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‘We are not superhuman’: Health-care workers plead for more mental health support

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A COVID-19 vaccine will be ‘worth the wait’: Doctor answers coronavirus questions

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Holiday travel amid surging coronavirus cases — is it safe in Canada?

The holidays are fast approaching as coronavirus cases continue to surge across the country, leaving many Canadians wondering if they should travel to visit friends and family or stay home. … Read More

Businesses, cities look to give Canadians outdoor rec options during pandemic winter

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Mothers taking on ‘shocking’ number of hours caring for children during pandemic: study

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N.B. Nurses Union calls for inquiry into long-term care, claims quality has declined

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Canadians urged to keep Thanksgiving gatherings small, virtual during coronavirus pandemic

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Grocery bills set to increase for Canadians: report

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Canadians dealing with ‘COVID fatigue’ as pandemic drags on, says psychologist

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‘I miss mommy’: Families who lost loved ones to coronavirus forge new paths

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Young Canadians vaping less frequently amid coronavirus, survey finds

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15 new Salmonella cases reported in Canada linked to U.S. peaches

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted September 3, 2020 11:03 am Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Officials say 15 new cases … Read More

Stop kissing, wear a mask while having sex to prevent coronavirus, Tam says

Skip kissing and consider wearing a mask when having sex to protect yourself from catching the coronavirus, Canada’s chief medical officer said on Wednesday, adding that going solo remains the … Read More

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick minimum wages “well below” a livable wage: report

A report released Wednesday outlines living wage research for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and says minimum pay must be increased within two years. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives … Read More

‘Deeply disturbing statistics’ show COVID-19 is hurting kids’ safety: report

Between Alberta’s economic downturn and the Fort McMurray wildfires, Edmonton’s Food Bank was pushed to the limit in 2016. The organization bolstered staff and volunteers and purchased trucks to meet … Read More

Health Canada now willing to consider at-home COVID-19 tests

TORONTO — Health Canada is willing to consider approving home COVID-19 tests to screen for the virus, a spokesman for the minister of health told Reuters, in a win for … Read More

‘A bit of fear’: Children in Europe go back to school as coronavirus persists

PARIS — Tugging on their masks or dashing to hug long-unseen friends, millions of children returned to school across Europe and beyond Tuesday in a mass experiment aimed at bridging … Read More

Moving ‘too quickly’ on coronavirus vaccine comes with risks: WHO

GENEVA — The emergency authorization of COVID-19 vaccines requires a “great deal of seriousness and reflection,” the World Health Organization said on Monday after the United States announced it was … Read More

European vacationers face threats of sudden and ever-changing COVID-19 travel rules

At 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 27, the U.K. government issued its latest changes to its COVID-19 travel corridors “safe list,” i.e. countries from which travellers do not need to … Read More

Vaccine safety and tests for kids — all your coronavirus questions

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COMMENTARY: Why face masks can cause dry eyes and what you can do to prevent it

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Canada’s economy won’t recover unless marginalized groups, women helped too: report

Canadians cannot expect the economy to fully recover from COVID-19 without helping those most affected by the downturn — including women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community, a new … Read More

Coronavirus: Expert says weddings remain ‘high-risk’ events as restrictions loosen

Mini bottles of sanitizer, monogrammed with the newlyweds’ initials, lined a table outside the venue of Royston and Rachel Grosjean’s July 4 wedding so guests could clean their hands before … Read More

New Brunswick announces coroner’s inquest into RCMP shooting of Rodney Levi

The province has confirmed it will hold a second coroner’s inquest into the death of an Indigenous person at the hands of New Brunswick police this year. Department of Public … Read More

Petition launched to allow for digital signing of wills in Ontario amid coronavirus

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Why COVID-19 home testing kits aren’t available in Canada

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Health experts encourage creativity, social support as bars reopen across Canada

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Florida teen met friends against family’s wishes. Now dad has COVID-19, fighting for his life

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