Kenney says he won’t ‘take a lecture’ from feds on COVID-19 in Alberta

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he won’t “take a lecture” from federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu on how to handle COVID-19. Hajdu earlier penned a letter to her Alberta counterpart … Read More

Alberta plan to remove COVID-19 measures is ‘risky gamble,’ fed health minister tells Shandro

Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu sent an email to Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro to raise concerns about the province’s plan to stop contact tracing, to scale back testing, and … Read More

Canada again delays overhaul to patented medicine pricing system

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‘Not clear’ if new border rules apply to Quebecers who have had COVID-19 and single vaccine dose

It’s unclear whether Quebecers who have had COVID-19 and one dose of vaccine can benefit when the federal government lifts quarantine rules for fully vaccinated travellers on July 5, Quebec … Read More

Hajdu says handing over Winnipeg lab documents has ‘national security’ implications

Documents related to the firing of two scientists from the high-security laboratory in Winnipeg, and the transfer of viruses to a research facility in Wuhan are too sensitive to hand … Read More

Hajdu ‘laser focused’ on community COVID-19 spread amid calls for tougher borders

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says she remains “laser focused” on stopping community transmission of COVID-19, despite calls for tougher border measures that could slow the entry of more transmissible variants. … Read More

Canada to suspend all flights from U.K. for 72 hours as new coronavirus variant spreads

Canada will stop incoming flights from the U.K. for 72 hours to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus strain, according to a statement from Health Canada. The policy will … Read More

Feds meeting to discuss new coronavirus variant spreading in U.K.

Members of the federal government are holding a meeting to discuss a new variant of the novel coronavirus that has been spreading quickly across the United Kingdom, prompting travel bans … Read More

Canada to stop incoming flights from U.K. due to new coronavirus strain: documents

Canada will stop incoming flights from the U.K. to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus strain, official documents reveal. The policy will come into effect at 12:01 am on … Read More

Patty Hajdu responds to Twitter photo, says she only removes mask to eat, drink

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Information commissioner ‘disappointed’ with health minister’s comments on access to records

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Civil rights group prepares lawsuit on ‘discriminatory’ N.B. abortion law

FREDERICTON – A civil rights group is threatening New Brunswick’s government with a lawsuit to force the province to repeal its abortion-related legislation and to make the procedure more widely … Read More

Here’s how rapid antigen tests could help curb coronavirus, according to officials

Newly approved rapid tests will be pivotal in helping health authorities rein in rising novel coronavirus numbers in Canada, the country’s deputy chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo said … Read More

O’Toole family tested for COVID-19 under Commons program after long Ottawa lines stymie them

By Mia Rabson The Canadian Press Posted September 17, 2020 12:01 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole … Read More

Clinic 554 looking into class-action lawsuit over abortion access in New Brunswick

A class-action lawsuit could be brought against the New Brunswick government for allegedly limiting abortion access in the province. Dr. Adrian Edgar is the current owner of Clinic 554, the … Read More

Mistreatment of migrant farm workers amid COVID-19 a ‘national disgrace’: health minister

The treatment of migrant workers in Canada by some farmers is disgraceful and the federal government is seeking to fix the problem, the country’s health minister told a parliamentary committee … Read More

Canada focuses on mitigating COVID-19, placing virus origin search on backburner

Canada is keeping a safe distance — for now — from the theory that the COVID-19 outbreak began by accident in a virology laboratory in China — a narrative that’s … Read More

Hajdu defends Health Canada after Kenney suggests Alberta may move ahead with steps to combat COVID-19 without its approval

Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu defended Health Canada’s process for approving tools to fight COVID-19 on Tuesday after Premier Jason Kenney suggested Alberta may bypass its approval to take steps … Read More

Coronavirus: How is Canada planning to enforce mandatory self-isolation?

The federal government is deploying the Quarantine Act in the fight against COVID-19, imposing mandatory self-isolation rules for any traveller returning to Canada with fines and even jail time for … Read More

Canadian government says it will enact stronger COVID-19 measures if provinces can’t

Canada needs a more unified approach in the fight against COVID-19 and the feds “will not hesitate” to step in with stronger measures if provinces can’t make it happen, the … Read More

Canada will use ‘every measure in our toolbox’ to prevent COVID-19 spread, minister says

Health Minister Patty Hajdu delivered a strong message to Canadians on preventing the spread of the coronavirus, saying that while the government would prefer not to penalize those who are … Read More

Coronavirus: Health minister signs order for faster access to COVID-19 test kits

Canada’s health minister has signed an interim order to speed up access to COVID-19 test kits to help identify new cases of the novel coronavirus. Health Canada said in a … Read More