1 or 2 metres: Should Canada change its COVID-19 distancing guidelines?

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Canada expected to revise COVID school guidelines this summer

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Influenza rates are at record low thanks to distancing during coronavirus, data shows

Global social distancing rules targeting coronavirus have pushed influenza infection rates to a record low, early figures show, signaling that the measures are having an unprecedented impact on other communicable … Read More

Influenza rates at record low thanks to distancing during coronavirus, data suggests

Global social distancing rules targeting coronavirus have pushed influenza infection rates to a record low, early figures show, signaling that the measures are having an unprecedented impact on other communicable … Read More

COVID-19 closures leave New Brunswick legions in dire straits

As many as 10 of New Brunswick’s 70 Royal Canadian Legion branches are at risk of permanently closing their doors after COVID-19 shutdowns cost them their revenue streams. “It continues … Read More

Masks soon mandatory on public transit, Quebec public health director suggests

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, the “worst danger” that awaits Quebec is forgetfulness, said national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, hinting that masks will soon be … Read More

WestJet will end physical distancing on flights starting July 1

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WestJet, Air Canada will end physical distancing on flights starting July 1

The country’s two largest airlines are ending their on-board seat distancing policies starting July 1, raising health concerns amid a pandemic that has devastated the travel industry. Air Canada has … Read More

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Canada is one of few countries 2-metre distancing. Experts say reducing is ‘risky’

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Young Canadians more anxious, less likely to adhere to social distancing, poll says

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South Korea coronavirus cases rise by highest number since early April

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Las Vegas casinos to reopen in early June, Nevada’s governor announces

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Nearly 1,900 warnings issued over lack of social distancing at Vancouver parks, beaches

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South Korea sees spike of 34 new coronavirus cases after outbreak involving nightclubs

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Robot ‘dog’ named Spot to help social distancing efforts at Singapore park

A four-legged robot dog named Spot is set to help social distancing efforts in one of Singapore’s national parks during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Developed by Boston Dynamics, the yellow … Read More

132 warnings, 1 charged as sunny weekend sees more residents flout emergency act restrictions in London

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Coronavirus: One quarter of Canadians still not fully social distancing, poll suggests

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Most Canadians support punishing those not following coronavirus rules: poll

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Social distancing in the U.S. extended by a month as coronavirus spreads

U.S. President Donald Trump is extending the voluntary national shutdown for a month as sickness and death from the coronavirus pandemic rise in the U.S. The initial 15-day period of … Read More

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Brazil leader wants to end social distancing even as cases soar past 3,400

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Coronavirus: Parks Canada to close national parks, historic sites to vehicle traffic

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Canadians ignoring COVID-19 orders should face consequences, be fined: doctor

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Guards union says prison needle exchange expansion on hold because of COVID-19

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‘A threat to yourself’: Around the world rebels ignore COVID-19 lockdown measures

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