Poor global vaccine access could create COVID-19 variants, risk economic recovery: G20

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Canada may see COVID-19 resurgence despite full vaccinations, experts say

Canada could see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases even if the country manages to fully vaccinate a majority of its population, according to experts. University of Saskatchewan epidemiologist Nazeem Muhajarine … Read More

‘He’s fighting for his life’: Alberta father in ICU amid CNRL Horizon COVID-19 outbreak

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Ottawa consulting on stricter border measures, won’t stop flights from India

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PM Trudeau warns young Canadians they can get sick ‘very quickly’ as variants surge

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Researchers racing to develop one vaccine for all coronaviruses

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U.S. expert says Canada is missing the chance to fight the P.1 COVID-19 variant

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Montreal school boards take a staggered approach as senior grades return to class in red zones

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COVID-19: Those with weakened immune systems may reveal the secrets to the variant mystery

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PHAC monitoring reports of 2 COVID-19 variants merging into heavily mutated hybrid

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Coronavirus: Hunting for variants and the case for travel restrictions

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Brazilian COVID-19 variant, believed to be more transmissible, found in Toronto

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COVID-19 variants could be spreading across Canada. Are labs doing enough to detect them?

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