China ‘taken aback’ by WHO’s plan for 2nd probe into origins of COVID-19

China cannot accept the World Health Organization’s plan for the second phase of a study into the origins of COVID-19, a senior Chinese health official said Thursday. Zeng Yixin, the … Read More

WHO asks China to be ‘transparent,’ provide raw data on COVID-19 origins

The head of the World Health Organisation said on Thursday that investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic in China were being hampered by the lack of raw data … Read More

Mixing COVID-19 vaccines a ‘dangerous trend,’ WHO chief scientist says

The World Health Organization‘s chief scientist on Monday advised against people mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers, calling it a “dangerous trend” since there was little data available … Read More

Easing COVID-19 restrictions amid low vaccination rates a ‘toxic mixture’, WHO warns

World Health Organization emergencies program head Michael Ryan said on Wednesday that countries with low COVID-19 vaccination rates, combined with the lifting of restrictions, was a “toxic mixture.” Read more: … Read More

World Health Organization ill-equipped to probe origins of COVID-19, experts argue

As the World Health Organization draws up plans for the next phase of its probe of how the coronavirus pandemic started, an increasing number of scientists say the U.N. agency … Read More

WHO asks Western countries to recognize China’s COVID-19 vaccines

The World Health Organization said Thursday that any COVID-19 vaccines it has authorized for emergency use should be recognized by countries as they open up their borders to inoculated travelers. … Read More

Vaccinating kids against COVID-19 ‘not a high priority,’ WHO says

The World Health Organization‘s top vaccines expert said Thursday that immunizing children against COVID-19 is not a high priority from a WHO perspective, given the extremely limited global supply of … Read More

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta: WHO officially names COVID-19 variants of concern

The World Health Organization (WHO) has introduced a new naming convention for the coronavirus variants of concern, in a move aimed at eliminating the potential stigma around places where those … Read More

COVID-19 death tolls could be up to three times above official counts: WHO

Official death tolls from the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to be a “significant undercount,” the World Health Organization said on Friday, estimating that the true figure of direct and indirect … Read More

G20 leaders snub COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver, watering down WHO funding commitments

Leaders of the world’s largest economies back “voluntary licensing” of COVID-19 vaccine patents, the draft conclusions of a summit show, watering down a U.S. push for waivers and earlier commitments … Read More

WHO asks rich countries to donate COVID-19 jabs instead of vaccinating kids

The World Health Organization urged rich countries on Friday to reconsider plans to vaccinate children and instead donate COVID-19 shots to the COVAX scheme that shares them with poorer nations. … Read More

‘The lost month of February’: COVID-19 was preventable, report shows

The COVID-19 pandemic could have been prevented but due to a lack of world leadership, an outbreak turned into a global health catastrophe that has killed more than 3.3 million … Read More

Bolivia signs deal to import J&J vaccine from Canadian company, pending patent issues

A Canadian company hoping to contribute to the world’s vaccination efforts says it has reached a deal to provide 15 million doses of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine … Read More

COVID-19 variant first seen in India designated as global concern, WHO says

By Stephanie Nebehay, Emma Farge and Silke Koltowitz Reuters Posted May 10, 2021 11:59 am     Updated May 10, 2021 12:08 pm Article Source

Global cases of COVID-19 have nearly doubled in 2 months: WHO

By Staff The Associated Press Posted April 16, 2021 7:32 am     Updated April 16, 2021 7:33 am Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article … Read More

WHO, 23 nations back creation of pandemic treaty to prepare for future health crises

Leaders of 23 countries and the World Health Organization on Tuesday backed an idea to create an international treaty that would help the world deal with future health emergencies like … Read More

COVAX donates first AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines to Nicaragua

Nicaragua received a first batch of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses, health authorities said on Tuesday, touting the inoculations donated through the World Health Organization’s global vaccine-sharing COVAX program. Officials with … Read More

Rich, poor countries grapple over bid to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents

A push to increase production of COVID-19 vaccines for poor nations hung in the balance at the World Trade Organization on Wednesday amid disagreement between richer and developing countries over the … Read More

Can COVID-19 vaccines reduce transmission? Here’s what we know so far

If you have received the coveted coronavirus vaccine shot, there is both good and bad news. While there is a high probability you will not get sick with COVID-19, there … Read More

Tam says ‘it’s been a good week’ for COVID-19 vaccines as pandemic anniversary nears

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted March 7, 2021 4:06 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Canada’s chief public health officer … Read More

Canada adds 2,188 new COVID-19 cases as pandemic anniversary nears

Several provinces were preparing to loosen COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday, as Canada’s chief public health officer expressed optimism over vaccines ahead of the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 crisis. The … Read More

As COVID-19 variants spread, why are global coronavirus cases declining?

In an encouraging sign for the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of new coronavirus cases around the world and in Canada is continuing to fall this year. For the fifth consecutive … Read More

China hits back at allegations from U.S. of lack of transparency about coronavirus

China fired back at the U.S. on Sunday over allegations from the White House that Beijing withheld some information about the coronavirus outbreak from World Health Organization (WHO) investigators. In a … Read More

China gave WHO experts full access to probe coronavirus origins in Wuhan: team member

A member of the World Health Organization expert team investigating the origins of the coronavirus in Wuhan said the Chinese side granted full access to all sites and personnel they … Read More

Coronavirus: WHO team visits research lab in Wuhan, China

World Health Organization investigators on Wednesday visited a research center in the Chinese city of Wuhan that has been the subject of speculation about the origins of the coronavirus. The … Read More

WHO team visits food market in Wuhan, China to search for coronavirus clues

A World Health Organization team looking into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday visited the food market in the Chinese city of Wuhan that was linked to many … Read More

Son of coronavirus victim demands to meet WHO expert team in Wuhan, China

A relative of a coronavirus victim in China is demanding to meet a visiting World Health Organization expert team, saying it should speak with affected families who allege they are … Read More

U.K. doctors to ‘urgently review’ 12-week gap between coronavirus vaccine doses

A major British doctors’ group says the U.K. government should “urgently review” its decision to give people a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine up to 12 weeks after … Read More

Delaying second dose of coronavirus vaccines is ‘risky gamble’: experts

Amid shortages in coronavirus vaccine supplies, some Canadian provinces have decided to delay giving the second dose, which experts have called a “risky approach” and “a gamble.” Ontario’s government announced on … Read More

WHO experts tasked with investigating coronavirus origins land in China

A global team of researchers arrived Thursday in the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic was first detected to conduct a politically sensitive investigation into its origins amid uncertainty about … Read More

Second year of pandemic ‘could even be tougher’ as coronavirus surges, WHO says

The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic may be tougher than the first given how the new coronavirus is spreading, especially in the northern hemisphere as more infectious variants circulate, … Read More

China seeks to avoid blame for coronavirus pandemic as WHO probe looms

As a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) prepares to visit China to investigate the origins of COVID-19, Beijing has stepped up efforts not only to prevent new outbreaks, … Read More

How we got from a new pandemic to a COVID-19 vaccine in 2020

On Jan. 11, 2020, the headlines weren’t about the novel coronavirus. That day, the United States Congress was preparing articles of impeachment and Iran finally admitted that it shot down … Read More

‘Good news’: Coronavirus vaccine will still protect against new U.K. variant, WHO says

The novel coronavirus vaccine should still work against the new variant of the virus spreading quickly in the United Kingdom. That’s “good news,” the World Health Organization said on Monday. … Read More

WHO says China will welcome team to probe coronavirus origins in January

Beijing will welcome an international team of COVID-19 investigators due to travel to China in January, said the World Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the mission. China has strongly opposed calls for … Read More

Asia-Pacific countries won’t see coronavirus vaccinations until mid-2021, WHO says

The World Health Organization said Thursday that countries in the Asia-Pacific region are not guaranteed to have early access to COVID-19 shots and urged them to adopt a long-term approach … Read More

WHO recommends wearing masks indoors if ventilation is poor

By Stephanie Nebehay Reuters Posted December 2, 2020 7:56 am Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ People living in areas with where … Read More

Your guide to COVAX, the WHO’s coronavirus global vaccine plan

As world leaders race to sign contracts with pharmaceutical companies to pre-order potential novel coronavirus vaccines, experts warn that this may leave lower-income countries without enough doses to inoculate their … Read More

Mystery of the coronavirus origin: Experts still seeking answers

China or Italy? Bats or pangolins? More than 11 months since the first cluster of coronavirus cases were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there are still questions about … Read More

Remdesivir not recommended for hospitalized coronavirus patients, WHO says

Gilead’s drug remdesivir is not recommended for patients hospitalised with COVID-19, regardless of how ill they are, as there is no evidence it improves survival or reduces the need for ventilation, a … Read More

New Brunswick premier crows about province’s pandemic response in throne speech

By The Staff The Canadian Press Posted November 17, 2020 1:12 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ Premier Blaine Higgs says … Read More

New Brunswick government crows about province’s pandemic response in throne speech

FREDERICTON – Premier Blaine Higgs’ government congratulated itself Tuesday for handling the COVID-19 pandemic better than most jurisdictions, saying in a throne speech that New Brunswick had received “positive reviews … Read More

Potential sepsis treatment could be ready in 5 years thanks to London, Ont., researcher

Lawson Health Research Institute says that currently, the best available approach to treat sepsis works about six per cent of the time, but preliminary results show a potential treatment in … Read More

Coronavirus mutation in minks: Experts keeping ‘close eye’ on human infections

As the new coronavirus continues to infect and kill humans around the world, there are now growing fears about the mutation of the deadly virus in animals. Authorities in Denmark … Read More

Remdesivir doesn’t help COVID-19 patients recover, WHO study says

GENEVA — A large study led by the World Health Organization suggests that the antiviral drug remdesivir did not help hospitalized COVID-19 patients, in contrast to an earlier study that … Read More

Herd immunity as coronavirus solution ‘simply unethical’: WHO

LONDON — The head of the World Health Organization warned against the idea that herd immunity might be a realistic strategy to stop the coronavirus pandemic, dismissing such proposals as … Read More

COMMENTARY: How Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy could impact the world

When the throne speech was delivered on Sept. 23, Canada had already committed over $1 billion in advance purchase agreements with five drug companies for a minimum of 154 million … Read More

China says WHO supported early use of coronavirus vaccine candidate outside of trials

The World Health Organization supported China’s campaign to vaccinate certain people against coronavirus in July while clinical trials were still under way, a Chinese health official said on Friday, although … Read More