Toronto man who spent 104 days in ICU for COVID-19 to return home

TORONTO — After six months of recovering from a severe COVID-19 infection that saw him spend 104 days in the ICU, a 73-year-old Toronto man is finally headed home.

Bruno Iozzo was first admitted to Humber River Hospital in Toronto in late March for coronavirus. The disease had damaged his lungs and they were unable to send enough oxygen to his blood – eventually leading to kidney failure and dialysis.

For the next three months, the previously healthy man was treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit where he was intubated and put on a ventilator.

After many weeks of worry for his family, Iozzo finally turned a corner and his condition had improved enough that he was discharged from Humber River Hospital on July 10.

While no longer in critical condition, Iozzo was still not well enough to return home so he was transferred to Runnymede Healthcare Centre for rehabilitation therapy.

According to the centre, Iozzo was severely weakened and would become exhausted very quickly when he arrived. He could only stand for short periods of time and get out of bed with the assistance of staff.

With the use of different exercises, Iozzo gradually regained his strength and he’s now able to walk independently with only the support of a cane or walker. The centre said he was “like a new person” compared to when he arrived.

Iozzo is scheduled to return home on Saturday.

His daughter, Gisella, said she’s overjoyed by his remarkable progress.

“It’s just incredible for him to speak, for him to see what he’s gone through and be able to tell his story and to hug me,” she told CTV News back in July.  

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